Different Types of Republic of Congo visas are available for Bangladeshi

Bangladeshi citizens can get two types of visas for the Congo Republic. The Republic of Congo single entry visa duration is 30 days and the multiple is up to 90 days.

  1. Tourist/Business Single Entry.

  2. Tourist/Business Multiple Entry.

Visa Processing Service Available for Republic of Congo visa

As there is no Congo embassy in Bangladesh, you need to submit your documents to the Republic of Congo Embassy in India. VISAThing provides the below service for the Republic of Congo.

Application process for Republic of Congo visa from Bangladesh

Do you intend to apply for a visa to Congo Brazzaville? You don’t need to look any further. Only by following our visa application guidelines, your confusion will be gone.

Step 1: Choose your visa category

First, you need to select the right visa category for your travel purposes. VISAThing’s Congo visa processing consultancy in Bangladesh will help you to make the best decision.

    Step 2: Prepare your documents

    Collect the required documents before submission. If your documents are not in English then kindly translate them into English. Additionally, notarize them before the submission.

      Step 3: Fill out the Congo visa application form

      The most important thing is to properly fill out your Congo Brazzaville application form. Any wrong information or mistakes can cause your visa rejection.

        Step 4: Submit documents at the embassy

        No appointment is needed to submit your documents at the embassy for a Congo visa for Bangladeshi. You can easily submit your visa application and documents by visiting the embassy. Additionally, pay your visa fee at the embassy on the same day.

          Step 5: Collect your passport

          After the visa decision has been made, you can collect your passport from the embassy of the Republic of Congo.

            The Republic of Congo online visa application service for Bangladeshi through VISAThing

            Be more relaxed from now on. VISAThing is now providing the online application service for your desired Republic of Congo visa. You do not need to waste additional time on visa processing anymore specifically. You can stay at home and calmly apply online for a Republic of Congo visa sitting on your couch. This rare opportunity should not be missed if you do not want yourself tangled with hassle. 

            To apply online for Republic of Congo visa from Bangladesh, visit the VISAThing website. Select your visa category based on your purpose and click “Apply Now” to enter the next page. You will get the option to submit documents online. Upload the documents maintaining the expected format that is instructed. Last but not least, pay relevant fees and charges through online transactions. Then, your service will be activated. Initially, the visa consultant experts of VISAThing will be connected to you. They will provide you with further updates.

            You have an option to save your time and resources. So, do not waste this opportunity. Save them for your trip to the Congo Brazzaville.

            Processing time and fees for a Republic of Congo visa

            The processing time for a Republic of Congo visa is 15 to 20 working days. The processing time can vary based on your nationality and visa profile. 

            The visa fee for the Republic of Congo is between BDT 29,250 to BDT 97,500. It is better to know the exact amount of your visa fee in advance. The pre-arrangement of the visa fee will help the transaction process in India.

            Timeline for Congo visa decision and process of appeal

            The Republic of Congo visa decision takes approximately 10 to 15 working days. Wait patiently if the decision takes a few days more.

            If your Congo Republic visa gets rejected, you have to re-apply for your visa. You will get the proper instructions in the refusal letter. You should prepare impactful and valid documents for reapplying. This promptness can enhance your visa approval.

            FAQ for Republic of the Congo Visa

            How long does it take to get a Congo visa?

            For a Congo Republic visa it will take 10-15 working days.

            How long does a Congo visa last?

            Ans. Congo Brazzaville visa will last as per your visa category.


            With ViISAThing’s assistance, a Republic of Congo visa for Bangladeshi is easier to get. Enjoy your best vacation or any kind of long-term stay by handing over the visa application headache to VISAThing. VISAThing is always ready to help you with the smoother journey of getting a Congo Brazzaville visa for Bangladeshi.

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