Important – Please Read the Terms and Conditions Thoroughly and Carefully. Availing of Any Service from VISAThing™ Is Subject to Complete Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out below:

General Terms

VISAThing™ – a registered trademark of VISAThing Global Holding LLC as VISAThing™ (hereinafter called VISAThing™) acts as a visa service provider on behalf of their Client/Service Recipient(s) for processing visa/permits and ancillary services from the appropriate institutions and/or immigration authorities.
Registering, using our services, or making payments through various methods implies a full understanding and acceptance of these terms. By doing so, clients agree to abide by these terms. VISAThing™ can refuse services if terms aren't accepted.
These Terms & Conditions govern the provision of all information or services provided by VISAThing™ in the processing of visa applications and other ancillary services for their Client/Service Recipient(s). All the orders made to VISAThing™ Client/Service Recipient(s) are subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.
Clients using VISAThing™ for visa processing must be of legal age, provide accurate personal data, and confirm legal identity. VISAThing™ doesn't verify legal identity and isn't responsible for it. Information on our websites is current to the publication date and can change.
VISAThing™ can add more Terms & Conditions if necessary. Sending documents to VISAThing™ via web, post, fax, or email means you agree to these Terms & Conditions, including any changes.
Any visa application request submitted to VISAThing™ by a representative on behalf of his/her client (traveler) must come with a duly signed Letter of Authority; therefore, will be deemed to be an application submitted to VISAThing™ by the client (traveler) directly to VISAThing™. All terms and conditions listed herein apply to both the representative and the client (traveler) equally.
If any term or condition of this agreement is deemed void by a recognized Court of Justice, the remaining Terms & Conditions will remain valid. These Terms & Conditions constitute the complete agreement between VISAThing™ and the Client, superseding any prior written or verbal agreements communicated by VISAThing™.

Terms of Privacy

Clients consent to the collection, processing, and use of their personal information for visa processing. Information is accessible only to the service provider and relevant authorities (Consular Offices/Immigration Offices). After the provision of service(s) is complete and the service is closed, VISAThing™ may discard all the personal information received for visa application processing.
Upon service completion and closure, VISAThing™ can retain your contact details for future use. This data may be employed solely to identify eligibility for discounts, loyalty programs, and visa/travel updates for returning clients.
The privacy policy of VISAThing is integral to these Terms and Conditions. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions implies the service user's acknowledgment of the privacy policy. The Privacy Policy is accessible on our website for easy reference.

Terms of Using Online Visa Application System

When applying for a visa or using VISAThing's online service, users must provide accurate information. VISAThing is not responsible for mistakes in the application fields. When applying for a visa or using VISAThing's online service, users must correctly select services and payment options. VISAThing is not responsible for errors in service selection or payments.
When applying for a visa or using VISAThing's online service, users must follow embassy instructions for document uploads. Users can also inform VISAThing about submitting original passport and documents to their office.

Terms of Service Processing Time

Transit and Visa processing times on websites/materials are based on immigration guidelines. VISAThing™ estimates are only guides. VISAThing™ strives to meet published processing times. Delays from immigration authorities are not our responsibility.

Consultancy Service Definition

VISAThing™ will be able to take any emergency decision(s) related to the documentation and processing of the Visa Application VISAThing™ cannot influence any decision made by an immigration authority; any requests for additional information before finalizing a visa; any delay by an immigration authority in the issuing of a visa; or a decision to refuse a visa. Any assistance to reach out to the respective authority to request an update/expedite the processing shall only be treated as a token of compliment.
Consultancy Service consists of Primary Information Session, Document Processing, and Service Delivery Session along with assistance/guidance on the entire process. Any additional information session can only be scheduled by the consultant if necessary. A Client/applicant is responsible to provide all the relevant information and documents in connection with his requested consultancy service.
A client/applicant reserves the right to choose whether to provide or avoid providing any of the requested documents mentioned in the customized visa checklist prepared by one of our consultants. VISAThing™ will use and rely on information provided by the client in the provision of services to that client. VISAThing™ will not independently verify or assume responsibility for the accuracy, authenticity, or completeness of such information/document.
VISAThing™ processes all the paperwork based on the merits of the documents received, the client’s profile, and background information related to social as well as professional occupancies. All the documents prepared, compiled, or revised by VISAThing™ are sent to the client for review before finalization. A client may suggest, comment or input any information as and where necessary.
VISAThing™ does not carry further any liability to the client once the contracted service is completed with the client. This limitation on the duty of care includes but is not limited to information; advice or opinion provided by VISAThing™ after the contracted service is complete, any event of deportation, restriction on entry, etc.
Services are entitled upon the availability of dates at the discretion of a consular office, an associate party, or immigration authorities such as booking embassy appointments. Clients agree to stay informed via automated website tracking by VISAThing™. In emergencies, contact our Hotline or Customer Relations email for updates. Responses are during weekday working hours. Clients should inform VISAThing™ of emergency updates they receive during these hours.
VISAThing™ reserves the right, at our discretion, to change our associate service providers or any other parties involved in providing any of our ancillary services as deemed appropriate by VISAThing™.
VISAThing™ reserves the right to contact your sponsor/employer should further details be required from the authorities or for confirmation of your application.

Visa Processing (Logistic) Service Definition

VISAThing™ will be able to take any emergency decision(s) related to all the associated activities related to the processing and transit of Visa Application/Document Legalization. The standard service fee covers up to 0.75 kg of documents to send through courier. An extra logistics charge will be applicable if the total documents weigh more than 0.75kg. Logistic Service covers the Approval Fee and other charges at the Ministry of Home Affairs, processing, and screening of documents, both way courier charges for transiting documents/passports to designated immigration offices and retrieving them back once the processing is completed.
If an immigration authority has incorporated a deadline for the submission of documents to an application, these documents must be provided at the earliest possible time but no later than 72 hours before the deadline date.
For any visa, in particular, a tourist or business visa, the client should not book a flight ticket unless the embassy has specifically requested evidence of this as a requirement for the visa application. Any suggestions on the tentative date of receiving visa decision or passport delivery shall be treated as a guideline only. VISAThing™ reserves the right to contact your sponsor/employer should further details be required from the authorities or for confirmation of your application. VISAThing™ reserves the right, at our discretion, to change our associate service providers or any other parties involved in providing any of our ancillary services as deemed appropriate by VISAThing™.
Clients allow VISAThing™ to update them via automated website tracking. For emergencies, use the Hotline or Customer Relations email. Responses are during weekday working hours. Note, queries are queued. Clients must inform VISAThing™ of emergency updates related to their visa application during working hours.

Payment & Refund Policies

The fees for VISAThing’s services shall be those specified on the website, including any indirect taxes, if applicable, that apply to the fees, and other fees charged by an issuing authority, all of which must be paid by you.
All the services of VISAThing™ must be availed directly from VISAThing™ and VISAThing™ authorized franchises direct or electronically. Prepayment of Service charges in full is mandatory for availing of any of the services. Once the Automated Tracking ID is generated, service charges paid to VISAThing™ are non-refundable.
By purchasing VISAThing™ services via electronic means or third parties and settling payment through various methods like cash, cards, bank transfers, etc., you accept the VISAThing™ terms. You're accountable for extra fees needed for visa processing or related services, including translation, notarization, travel insurance, and courier charges.
Payments made online for any of the services through an electronic payment gateway are subject to your agreement to the separate terms and conditions provided by the payment gateway facilitator. You must comply with the particular payment gateway-related terms and conditions before proceeding to online payments.
Payments made through an online payment system - through internet banking/electronic payment gateway/mobile banking may be subject to additional charges/tax associated with the payer’s payment account. These charges are outside VISAThing’s service charges.
Any issue with unsuccessful payment due to technical/banking network error must be communicated to the respective banking authority. VISAThing has no discretion and/or authority to resolve the issue.
VISAThing™ will not provide any service (including the lodgment of a visa application) until payment has been made to VISAThing™ in full for that service. VISAThing™ is not responsible for any repercussions of not providing the service in question.
In the case of converting INR to BDT VISAThing multiplies the INR with 1.5 to make the amount BDT because some additional transaction charges are taken from us by the bank while payment.
VISAThing™ Service Charges and Visa Fees may change without prior notice.
Thereon payment receipt and Tracking ID generation, the client is considered to have begun engagement with VISAThing™. Our service encompasses advice, document processing, and logistics coordination with non-resident authorities/embassies. Engagement is non-refundable after starting, even if the client changes their mind. If a refund request occurs before document processing starts, a partial refund might be possible at VISAThing™'s discretion.
Paying for document examination or visa application creation with VISAThing™ is non-refundable. Unutilized funds might be applied to a future application after cost assessment. Applications on hold over 3 months, even if not submitted, will be removed from our system, ending any further services. VISAThing™ operates a strict no-refund policy for all ancillary services/products. In cases of unsuccessful submission attempt/withdrawal of service, only the visa fee will be refunded. The refund must be made to your bank account.
No refund is forthcoming for any fees paid to VISAThing™ where the visa application has been lodged to the Immigration Authorities regardless of the reason for withdrawal. For short-stay business and tourist visas, VISAThing™ may apply and pay for a Double or Multiple entry visa on the Client/Service Recipient's (s) behalf, yet the embassy may decide to grant a Single-entry visa. The decision to grant a Single-entry visa remains solely with the embassy/consular office and VISAThing™ does not have any discretion over this. No refund of the visa fee will be applicable.

Terms on Liability

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he familiarizes himself with his visa activation date and that the client enters the country to activate his visa before the visa activation date passes. The client’s visa is liable to be canceled once the visa expiration date passes if the client has not entered before this date. The client bears all responsibility and liability in such situations.
VISAThing™ bears no responsibility or liability for you breaking any existing visa terms and conditions (including overstaying) that you hold or previously held which results in you subsequently becoming illegal in another country. It is your responsibility to ensure that you remain legal at all times while you are in another country. VISAThing™ will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by an embassy/consulate issuing an incorrect visa or incorrect details on a visa as this is out of our control. VISAThing™ shall not be held responsible under any circumstance to compensate you for any loss, damage, or delay of passports or travel documents by any third-party courier/delivery company.
VISAThing™ isn't liable for errors in visa details. Clients must verify visa letter's passport details match their passport. Failure may lead to delays, expenses, or entry issues. Costs from not following this aren't VISAThing™'s responsibility. As our client, it is your responsibility to declare any facts which may adversely affect your case via email before engaging our services. This may include but is not limited to previous visa refusal, a record of fraudulence/overstay, serious medical conditions, and serious criminal convictions. Non-disclosure of such pertinent facts may result in the visa application being delayed or refused.
A visa can be canceled if the information provided to VISAThing™ and immigration authorities is false or misleading. If canceled for this reason, VISAThing™ isn't responsible for any resulting costs, issues, or outcomes for the Client/Service Recipient(s).
After immigration decisions, VISAThing™'s visa services stop. Extra services are per the original contract. We share non-visa info but it's not part of our service. VISAThing™ isn't liable for errors; clients must verify info. For franchise services, the received info is accurate. If clients provide conflicting info later, VISAThing™ isn't accountable for application results. VISAThing™ reserves the right to return any passport without the requested visa if the passport or the documents provided do not comply with the immigration requirements or if there is insufficient time to process the visa.
In the event of loss or damage to any passport or documents in transit through Courier or at the embassy/consulate/immigration offices, VISAThing™ will not be entitled to any liability for the consequential loss.
VISAThing™ cannot be held responsible for any expense and/or delay arising from incomplete application forms, inaccurate/false or incomplete information provided, or inaccurate/false or incomplete supporting documentation.
VISAThing™ cannot lodge a visa application until it has complete documentation as outlined in the registration pack and any subsequent documentation requested by VISAThing™ from the main applicant. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the documentation provided to VISAThing™ at the time of submitting a visa application is valid, up to date, and within date.
VISAThing™ lodges visa applications in applicants' best interest. We lack the authority to grant visas/permits or ensure positive outcomes. Final decisions rest with relevant authorities in the visa process.
Clients must furnish all necessary information and documents to VISAThing™, including from third parties. If requirements aren't met, VISAThing™ may delay lodging the visa application until all necessary details are received.
Should immigration advice differ between officers, VISAThing™ isn't accountable for visa refusal or extra costs due to such conflicts. VISAThing™ guides clients on visa options and applies on their behalf using current immigration data. If updated rules not yet public affect applications, VISAThing™ isn't responsible for refusal or related expenses like travel.
The immigration officer decides the visa duration and activation date, which might differ from client requests. VISAThing™ lacks control to alter these decisions and isn't accountable for them.

Complaints Handling

For disputes, queries, or issues, clients must reach out to VISAThing™ within 24 hours. If unsatisfied with our service, complaints can be sent in writing via mail or email, promptly handled by VISAThing™ management.

Copyright Issue

The Client understands that the graphic/non-graphic elements of the application form and money receipt even though the VISAThing™ mark is used, is the registered trademark of VISAThing™. No user/client has the rights to such alter; temper contained therein.

Acceptance of Agreement by Client/ Representative of Group of Client/Service Recipient(s)

I fully comprehend and consent to the terms and conditions herein. I authorize actions like storing passports, processing documents, obtaining transit approvals, and submitting/collecting from relevant authorities. I affirm the accuracy of this statement to the best of my knowledge.