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VISAThing visa consultancy center is looking for an Intern Content Writer who understands web writing and has knowledge of technological tools.

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Why Join Us

VISAThing is a reputed visa support center which helps Bangladeshi visa seekers with their visa applications and travel documents. But, VISAThing is not just customer oriented, it is also a fantastic place to work! VISAThing has a great work environment with career growth opportunities. For its reliable job security, employees only need to focus on learning and skill development. The positive company culture of VISAThing gives its employees a chance which can make a difference. In a nutshell, your hard work will be appreciated and will be paid off in VISAThing. If you are looking for a fulfilling job with a reputable company, VISAThing could be the perfect choice for you!

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Benefits and Opportunities

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  • Great Work Environment

    VISAThing has the friendliest work environment ever. All the co-workers here are super friendly and very supportive. VISAThing believes that a happy employee is a productive investment. Apart from being helpful, there is a real sense of teamwork. It is a place where you can enjoy working everyday.

  • Career Growth Opportunities

    Working with VISAThing can offer you plenty of opportunities for career growth. It does not matter whether you are experienced or just a beginner, there is always room for improvement. You can grow with VISAThing and advance your skills for its technological based works. VISAThing provides training and conducts development programs to help the employees to be up to date.

  • Learning and Development

    Working with VISAThing requires constant learning. As visa requirements and processing keep changing everyday, there is always something new to understand. This can make the job interesting by developing necessary skills that can be useful in many other careers too.

  • Job Security

    Visathing is a well-established and reputable visa consultancy company. For this, employees have no worries about their job security. Working under a stable company can give employees a sense of reliability and peace of mind. The company also has basic rules and regulations for employee resignation. This policy allows employees to focus on doing their best at work without worrying about their job stability.

  • Competitive Salary and Benefits

    VISAThing offers competitive salaries and benefits to its employees. This means you will get your work credit and will be paid well for your hard work. The benefits include paid leave, attendance allowance, annual salary review, annual tour, company dinner, employee of the year award and so on.

  • Making a Difference

    VISAThing is now working globally with its sister concern companies in Dubai, Nepal and India. So, if employees work extraordinarily, they have the opportunity to travel abroad to keep their remarks on those companies. It is one kind of motivation which is positively impacting the employees. This opportunity is not only fulfilling employees' dreams but also rewarding them with a specific purpose.

  • Positive Company Culture

    VISAThing has a really positive corporate culture. All the employees are bound to respect each other regardless of their designations. The people are really welcoming and warm towards new employees. Every special occasion such as birthdays or project launching are celebrated to cheer up the motivation of the employees.

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