Why Choose VISAThing for Visa Processing in Bangladesh

VISAThing has provided a service called visa processing in Bangladesh since 2015. In this, VISAThing can help with visa application submission inside Bangladesh. VISAThing has years of experience in this service. VISAThing's dedicated expert consultants can help you with the overall process. With our expertise, you can process your visa service smoothly.

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Process of Getting Visa Processing Service in Bangladesh

You might want to know how to apply for Visa Processing in Bangladesh from VISAThing. Well, follow the guidelines below.

Purchase Visa Processing Service

The applicant first needs to purchase the Visa Processing Service in Bangladesh. To use the services, a visa seeker often visits our office in person. Sometimes, they communicate with us online and pay the entire service fee. Then, a case officer creates a special ID and tracking number. After that, the case is sent to the Consultancy Team.

Receipt and Screening of Documents

At the reception, your passport and documents are taken in and checked for accuracy. Every document is carefully examined. The clients are notified if any additional documents are needed.

Booking of Appointments and Payment Processing

After receiving the passport and documents, appointments are scheduled based on availability. For the visa fee, demand drafts and bank deposits are made before submission.

Application Submission

The passport and supporting documents are handed over on a specified day. The submission should be at the particular Embassy or Visa Application Center. Receipts/ICR Invoices are acquired and shared with the clients through email.

Contact and Aftercare with the Visa Office

The visa office may request further paperwork or information while processing your application. The procedure is occasionally delayed for a variety of reasons. Throughout the whole processing time, VISAThing stays in contact with the visa office.

Collection of Documents/Passports

VISAThing asks for confirmation of collection from the Visa Application Center or Embassy. The confirmation is usually taken before collecting passports and other documents.

Case Delivery to the Clients

VISAThing Dhaka office receives clients' passports and documents. After that, clients are informed to pick up when their desired visa and passport are ready for pickup. The client can also pick them up immediately from the VISAThing Dhaka Office. Passports can be picked up by courier upon request.

Benefits of Getting This Service From VISAThing

  • Track Your Application

    With this service, you can track your application from the VISAThing website. You can get the latest update of your application from VISAThing whenever you need. VISAThing always tries to ensure the applicant’s visa application information.

  • Personalized Service

    Visa processing service provider VISAThing offers personalized services for clients. Each applicant has a unique profile. For this service, VISAThing consultants study the applicant's profile and provide customized solutions.

  • Convenience

    VISAThing handles the entire visa application process on behalf of the applicant. It will save the applicants time and effort. Applicants do not need to get tangled with the complex visa application procedure. They also do not need to visit the embassy or application center in person.

  • Expert Guidance

    VISAThing has a dedicated team who have in-depth knowledge of visa processing in Bangladesh. They understand different types of visa requirements and procedures. The experts ensure that applicants receive accurate advice on the visa application process. They also work to minimize the risk of errors that lead to visa application rejections.

VISAThing! Appointment

Get an appointment to get visa processing service in Bangladesh

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The first step in getting help from VISAThing is to schedule an appointment. If applicants want to visit our office personally for visa processing advice, they need to book an appointment with VISAThing in advance. The only branch of VISAThing Bangladesh is located in Dhaka. 

Applicants will get an option named “Appointment” on the VISAThing website. They need to click on the appointment portal and choose their visa type. They will then get the interface of the available slot. Picking up the preferable slot will ensure getting assistance from VISAThing. Do not forget to bring all your original documents with you.

After making an appointment, visit our office on time. VISAThing experts will help you to solve your every query. VISAThing is open every Saturday to Thursday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

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