Frequently asked questions

Question: How can I get immigration approval for Vietnam?

Answer:   VISAThing provides complete visa processing service for Vietnam visa including immigration approval.

Question: How can I process the New Zealand visa?

Answer:   New Zealand visas can be processed either by lodging paper-based application or by applying online. In both cases, original passports need to be sent in India for verification. VISAThing provides complete visa processing service for New Zealand including passport verification service.

Question: Is a visa interview mandatory for Brazil visa?

Answer:   Requirement of visa interview entirely depends on the discretion of the consular office. However, in most cases, Brazil Embassy in New Delhi calls visa applicants for a visa interview.

Question: What kind of support we provide for Mozambique?

Answer:   Mozambique provides an on-arrival visa facility for Bangladeshis. Detailed information can be found on our website-

Question: I need a work permit, can VISAThing arrange a work permit for me?

Answer:   VISAThing only provides visa services for long term employment visas. VISAThing doesn’t arrange or provide work permits for any country.

Question: Is a visa interview mandatory for ordinary passport holders applying for a Mexico visa?

Answer: Yes, it is mandatory.

Question: Does VISAThing provide any kind of support for passport renewal?

Answer:   No, VISAThing doesn’t provide passport services

Question: What is the Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Answer:   Yellow Fever Vaccine is a mandatory pre-requisite if someone wants to travel to the African or the North American regions that fall under the Yellow Fever affected zones. One must take the vaccine from a nearby hospital and hold the original vaccination card during the travel period.


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