Paraguay Visa Categories Bangladeshi Applicants Can Get

The type of visa applicants need depends on the purpose of their visit. The Paraguay short-stay visa typically lets applicants stay in Paraguay for up to 30 days. Paraguay short-stay visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. But, if applicants are going with a long-term visa, they can stay in Paraguay for up to a year. Here's a breakdown of the different Paraguay visa types.

Short-Term Visas (Type-A)

  1. Tourist

  2. Business Visit

  3. Visa for congresses, conventions, and seminars

  4. Humanitarian and emergency visa

  5. Visiting Family or Friends

  6. Digital Nomad Visa

Long Term Visas (Type-D)

  1. Work

  2. Student

  3. Join Family

Paraguay Visa Services That VISAThing Is Offering From Bangladesh

Bangladeshis need to go to the Paraguay Embassy in India. There is no other choice to get their Paraguay visa. Because no visa support center is allowed to submit Paraguay visa applications on the applicant’s behalf. Yet, applicants can get help to prepare their visa documents. They can also ask to provide guidelines about the submission and interview (If needed). VISAThing is dedicated to providing the below services for Paraguay visas.

Process of Paraguay Visa Application From Bangladesh

Knowing the visa application process helps the visa seekers to avoid the worst scenario. A bit of valid information can enlighten the applicants to reduce hassle. It will help them prepare documents and book interview slots if needed. But, it is not easy to get an authentic guideline for Paraguay. So, VISAThing has listed the steps in easy written form.

Step 1: Complete the Visa Application Form

Applicants first need to visit the Paraguay Embassy in India website. They need to download the Paraguay visa application form for Bangladeshi. Then fill up the Paraguay visa application form, print and sign it.

    Step 2: Gather the Necessary Documents

    Bangladeshi applicants need to prepare all the required documents by following their Checklist. They also need to translate their documents into English and notarize them properly.

      Step 3: Submit Your Paraguay Visa Application

      The applicant or their authorized representative can submit Paraguay visa applications. But, the submission place must be at the Paraguay Embassy in India. No appointment is needed to submit the visa applications. So, applicants just need to visit the Paraguay Embassy after completing the application form. VISAThing is available to provide this service.

        Step 4: Pay Your Visa Fee

        The Paraguay visa fee is also required to be made throughout the visa application submission. The embassy will provide the necessary instructions for the payment procedure.

          Step 5: Wait For Your Visa Decision

          Applicants just need to wait after being done with all these. When the visa decision comes out, collect your passport from the Paraguay Embassy in India. You can also ask for help from your authorized representative to collect your passport.

            Apply Paraguay visa online from Bangladesh through VISAThing

            Now, you can do your online visa application for Paraguay anytime. Don’t be surprised. VISAThing’s professional online visa application service is now available for every Bangladeshi. So, how to activate this service? This is pretty simple. 

            • First, visit the VISAThing website, and select your destination country and visa category. 

            • Press the “Apply Now” button and will get the option to submit your required documents. 

            • Finally, pay your charges and your online visa application service will be activated. 

            You will get connected with VISAThing’s expert consultants. Your designated consultants will prepare everything for you and guide you through the processes. So, apply for your Paraguay visa online from Bangladesh from wherever you are.

            Paraguay Visa Processing Time And Fee For Bangladeshi

            Paraguay visa fee for Bangladeshi is the same for both short-term and long-term visas. The fee is BDT 7600 to BDT 11700 BDT . The fee amount can change anytime with the international currency rate. 

            The standard Paraguay visa processing time for Bangladeshi citizens is 10 to 25 working days. The day is counted from the date of the visa application submission. So, applicants should apply for their Paraguay visa at least a month earlier than their intended trip.

            Learn About Paraguay Visa Decision And Appeal

            If a Bangladeshi applicant's Paraguay visa application gets rejected, they cannot appeal against the decision. Applicants have the option to reapply for a Paraguay visa. Applicants will get a visa refusal letter from Paraguay Immigration. The refusal letter states the exact reason for the applicant's visa denial. In this case, applicants can update their documents before reapplication.


            VISAThing stands out as the go-to solution for Paraguay visa for Bangladeshi. VISAThing’s easy and reliable visa application service saves applicant’s time and money. What sets VISAThing apart is that we are always available to help our clients. No matter when and where applicants need help during their visa application, we are ready to help.

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