Visa Types For Bangladeshi Travelers To Nigeria

Nigeria provides a few visa purposes for Bangladeshis. These visas are issued with single, double, and Transit visa options. Nigeria’s e visas are valid for 90 days with a stay duration of 30 days. Here is the list of the visa types of Nigeria from Bangladesh.

  1. Holiday

  2. Business 

  3. Conference

  4. Study

  5. Transit Visa

Available Visa Processing Service For Nigeria Through VISAThing

Nigeria's E visa application process is user friendly and helps to avoid extra hassles. Still, applicants need to be careful while applying for their visa. This is because all the process is done online so any unintentional mistakes can create complexity. In this case, applicants can get help from any authorized representative to apply for a Nigeria e visa on their behalf. VISAThing is providing services below for Nigeria e visa for Bangladeshi.

Complete Guide For Nigeria Visa Application for Bangladeshi

Applicants need to apply for their Nigeria visa online from Bangladesh. Getting insights about the Nigeria visa application process beforehand can simplify the visa journey. Providing appropriate information with properly organized documents is essential. But, it is not easy to get a properly organized application process. VISAThing has prepared one outline for the Nigeria e visa applicants.

Step 1: Collect Your Required Documents

Nigeria e visa requires uploading documents online. So, applicants must collect all their documents in advance. To collect their documents, applicants need to follow a personalized checklist according to their purpose. Then, they need to translate the documents into English. After that, they need to properly scan the documents.

    Step 2: Register an Account

    To begin with the Nigeria e visa application for Bangladeshi, please visit the Nigeria e visa portal. Provide the necessary information to create an account. Verify the account from your email and log in.

      Step 3: Fill out the Nigeria Visa Application Form

      Applicants will get a Nigeria visa application form in the Visa Application section. Provide necessary information and upload documents there. Lastly, submit the form online after double checking the given information.

        Step 4: Pay Your Visa Fee

        Applicants are required to make this payment at the end of this application. Right after submitting the visa application, the visa fee payment option will come. Applicants must be paid through online transactions via Visa or MasterCard. When the payment is done, the application will go for processing. The unpaid visa applications get rejected automatically.

          Step 5: Collect Your Nigeria Visa

          Applicants need to wait throughout the processing time for their visa. Once the visa decision comes out, the applicants will be informed about it via email. They need to download the PDF format of the Nigeria e visa and print them before traveling.

            Nigeria Online Visa Application For Bangladeshi Through VISAThing

            A visa is the most important entry pass to enter a country. You know, Nigeria is offering e-visa and you need to apply for it online. Without a professional, no one can guarantee a flawless visa application.

            It is now not mandatory to visit the VISAThing office in person to apply for a visa anymore. Only by visiting the VISAThing Website, applicants can easily apply for their Nigeria e visa.

            So, how to apply online for a Nigeria e visa? Follow the steps below.

            • Visit the VISAThing website. 

            • Choose your Nigeria visa category.

            • Click on the "Apply Now" button. 

            • Then scan and submit your required documents. 

            • You also need to pay VISAThing’s service charge for the visa application in advance.

            Your VISAThing online visa application service will be activated after the payment has been made. So, what is stopping you from applying? Get help from VISAThing.

            Processing Time and Fee For Nigeria Visa From Bangladesh

            Nigeria visa processing time depends on the purpose of the applicant's visit and the local conditions of issuance. Nigeria E visa processing time takes not more than 3 to 7 working days. So, applicants need to apply for their Nigeria visa at least 3 weeks earlier from their travel date.

            The range of the visa fee for Nigeria from Bangladesh is from BDT 32077. The quantity of the visa fee rises and falls with the value of the international currency dollar rate.

            When You Get Your Nigeria Visa Decision and Approach to Appeal

            If Bangladeshi applicants' Nigeria visa gets rejected, applicants cannot appeal against the visa decision. However, applicants can reapply for their visa. 

            Just to be prepared to be rejected again, applicants can find out the grounds for their Nigeria visa refusal. Then, they should update their previous documents. It will increase the chance of getting a positive visa approval.


            For secure and efficient visa application submission, VISAThing does not have any competitors. Applicants do not need to get confused about their Nigeria visa for Bangladeshi anymore. You can prepare your documents, write cover letters, and apply for your Nigeria e visa anytime from VISAThing. VISAThing is available 24/7 for your service.

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