Visa Types That Bangladeshi People Can Get for Libya

Libya is offering a variety of visa opportunities for Bangladeshi citizens. It also has single and multiple entry options. The short-term Libya visa is valid for 90 days which allows you to stay in Libya for up to 30 days. Applicants can apply for a long term Libya visa if they want to stay longer than a month in Libya. Here you will get the lists of the Libya visa types.

Short Term Visas (Type-C)

  1. Tourist Visa

  2. Business Visit Visa

  3. Family/Friend Visit Visa

  4. Cultural/Sport Visit Visa

  5. Diplomatic Visa

  6. Official Visa

  • Transit Visa (Type-A)

Long Term Visas (Type-D)

  1. Education Visa

  2. Entry Visa

  3. Join Family Visa

  4. Work Visa

Services Bangladeshi Passport Holders Get for Libya Through VISAThing

Libya visa application from Bangladesh requires applicants to visit the embassy personally. So, applicants cannot get logistic support from anywhere. Instead, applicants can prepare their documents, and book appointments and guidelines from any support center. Taking help for these services can make them feel less stressful. Your authorized representative VISAThing is providing the below services for Libya.

Process of Libya Visa Application from Bangladesh

Libya visa seekers are not getting any facilities like a Libya e visa for Bangladeshi or a Libya on-arrival visa for Bangladeshi. Besides, it is hard to get the basic application process of a Libya visa from Bangladesh. You will not get any organized, precise, and authentic on the internet. However, VISAThing has prepared a simplified application process for the Libya visa from Bangladesh.

Step 1: Fill Up Visa Application Form

First, visit the Libya Embassy in Bangladesh website. You will get a PDF form of the Libya visa application form. Fill out the Libya visa application form for Bangladeshi and print it. Do not forget to sign it before the submission.

    Step 2: Collect Required Documents

    Applicants need to collect the required documents following their personalized checklist. Then, they need to translate the documents in English. Notarizing them is also mandatory.

      Step 3: Visit the Libya Embassy

      Applicants need to visit the Libya Embassy, Bangladesh in-person. Applicants do not need to book an appointment for this. They just need to bring all their necessary documents with them.

        Step 4: Submit Your Documents And Pay Your Visa Fee

        Applicants need to submit all their required documents while visiting the Libya Embassy. They also need to pay for their visa fee at the embassy according to the given instructions.

          Step 5: Collect Your Passport

          Applicants are required to collect their passports personally when their visa decision comes out.

            Apply Libya Visa Online From Bangladesh Through VISAThing

            With VISAThing, people can lessen their hassle and save money at the same time. This is because VISAThing offers the facility to apply for Libya visa applications online from Bangladesh. Applicants can do their Libya online visa application by visiting the VISAThing website. To avail this service, just follow the below steps.

            • Visit the VISAThing website online.

            • Select the country Libya and your desired visa category.

            • After selecting, click on “Apply Now” and go to the next interface.

            • Submit your required documents in the right format.

            • Pay your relevant fees and charges.

            Your service will be activated after your payment is made. VISAThing’s expert consultants will contact you. They will generate your tracking number and will start working on your Libya visa application.

            Time and Fee for Bangladeshi to get Libya visa

            Libya visa processing time takes approximately 10 to 15 working days. Anyways, the time can be extended if the application needs further examination. So, the applicants are reminded to apply to keep the processing time in hand for their visa. 

            Libya visa fee for Bangladeshi differs in the short and long term. Remember, the amount of the visa fee will keep going up and down with the international currency rate.

            Time Frame for Libya Visa Decision and Eligibility to Appeal

            Bangladeshi applicants are not eligible to appeal against Libya's visa decision. So, Bangladeshi applicants cannot file an appeal against Libya Immigration for any visa category. 

            The only option that Bangladeshi citizens have is reapplication. 

            The Libya Embassy informs the applicants about their visa refusal with a refusal letter. There the reason for refusal is mentioned. Applicants need to find out the grounds for the visa refusal and update their documents up to date. Then, they can reapply for their Libyai visa hoping to have a positive result.


            The given details on the Libya visa for Bangladeshi are enough to make your doubts. It is really crucial to be careful while going through the long process of visa applications. VISAThing can manage every type of visa application in a professional way. So, do not worry too much and reach out to VISAThing.

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