Visa Types for Bangladeshi Travelers to India

Knowing about visa categories helps applicants to figure out what kind of visa they need and how to apply for it. India offers 3 categories of visas with lots of subcategories. All of the visas offer single, double and multiple entry opportunities. Among them, the short-stay visas are valid for 180 days with a consecutive stay of up to 90 days. The long-term India visas are valid for 1 to 5 years as per applicant’s purpose. Here is the list of the India visa types for Bangladeshi.

Short Term (Type-C)

  1. Tourist

  2. Business Visit

  3. Family, Relative, or Friend Visit

  4. Medical Treatment

  1. Conference

  2. Muktijoddha

  • Transit Visa (Type-A)

Long Term (Type-D)

  1. Student

  2. Employment

  3. Research

  4. Work

  5. Join Family

  6. Training

  7. Business

  8. Entry Visa

Visa Facilities You Can Get From VISAThing For India

Applicants must make sure everything is correct in their visa applications. Every visa application needs lots of effort to get approved by the designated authority. Applicants must be careful while stepping forward to get their desired visa. Authorized representatives can help to prepare documents for India. VISAThing has years of professional experience in this field. Here, VISAThing is providing the below services for an Indian visa from Bangladesh.

Apply For Your Indian Visa From Bangladesh Easily With This Guide

To successfully secure an Indian visa, preparing and gathering the necessary documents is important. There are certain stages in the Indian visa application for Bangladeshi. It is not a good sign to avoid collecting or unseen unnecessary information. Well, VISAThing is here with a simple Indian visa application process.

Step 1: Fill Out The Visa Application Form

For India visa application, please visit Indian Visa Application Center in Bangladesh website. Applicants will get an Indian visa application form. Fill out the form and submit it online. Then, download the form and print it.

    Step 2: Collect Your Documents

    Collect the required documents for India as per the checklist. Do not forget to translate the documents in English. Applicants also need to notarize the documents properly.

      Step 3: Pay Service Fees

      Before visiting the Visa Application Center to submit the required documents, applicants need to pay their service fees online. For this, they need to pay their Visa Application Center’s service charge via online transaction.

        Step 4: Submit Your Documents And Provide Biometrics

        Applicants need to visit the India Visa Application Center in Bangladesh directly. No prior appointment is needed for that. They need to submit their visa application form along with the necessary documents.  Besides, the India Visa Application Center will also take biometric information of the applicants.

          Step 5: Collect Your Passport

          Once everything is done, applicants need to wait for their visa decision. Applicants can collect their passport when the decision comes out.

            India Online Visa Application From Bangladesh With VISAThing

            Our VISAThing Website allows Bangladeshi applicants to apply for an India visa online anytime. So, Bangladeshis take a chill pill! Now, applicants can easily apply for an India visa from Bangladesh without personally visiting our office.

            • Step 1: Visit the VISAThing website and select India’s visa type
            • Step 2: Select the desired services and click on “Apply Now”
            • Step 3: Submit the required documents and necessary details.
            • Step 4: Pay your relevant fees and charges through online transactions.
            • Step 5: Wait for your Bangladesh to India Visa.

            Approximate Visa Processing Time And Fees For India

            India’s visa decision is usually made within a period of 30 to 90 working days. In some cases, the processing time can be extended for detailed examination. So, it is advised to apply for an Indian visa earlier than the travel date. 

            Bangladeshis do not need to pay any visa India visa fees for India. However, applicants need to pay a Visa Application Center Service charge of BDT 800.

            Time Frame For India Visa Decision And Eligibility To Appeal

            If a Bangladeshi applicant's India visa application gets rejected, they cannot appeal against the decision. Applicants have the option to reapply for an Indian visa. Applicants will get a visa refusal letter from Indian Immigration. The refusal letter states the exact reason for the applicant's visa denial. In this case, applicants can update their documents before reapplication.


            We hope that now you understand the process for gaining an Indian visa for Bangladeshi citizens. You are now clear that there are no opportunities to apply for an Indian e visa as Bangladeshi. Applicants need to show their documents personally at the consulate. So, making a mistake or forgetting any required documents during the application can hinder your plans. To ensure a smooth application process, you can use VISAThing's services. You have nothing to worry about when VISAThing is by your side to assist you.

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