Different types of Ecuadorvisas available for Bangladeshi citizens

There are varieties of Ecuadorvisa for Bangladeshi citizens. But, the implementation of the Digital Nomad visa is a very unique approach to Ecuadorvisa policy. The short-term Ecuador visa allows applicants to stay up to 90 days whereas 2 years is legal with long-term visas. Let’s take a look at which categories of visas Bangladeshi can get for Ecuador.

Short-Term Visas (Type-C)

  1. Visit Visa ( Tourist Visa, Business Visit, Family Visit etc.)

  2. Medical Treatment Visa

  3. Media / Journalist Visa

  4. Religious Visa

  • Transit Visa (Type-A)

Long-Term Visas (Type-D)

  1. Work Visa

  2. Student Visa

  3. Family Visa

  4. Investment Visa

  5. Retirement Visa

  6. Digital Nomad Visa

Visa services you can get from VISAThing for Ecuador

Bangladeshi applicants have no option but to submit the application form at the EcuadorEmbassy, in India. Here the proverb “Many a little makes a mickle” is an absolute fact for the Ecuadorvisa application. This is because VISAThing’s expert consultants are out there to help you with the Ecuadorvisa application. VISAThing is providing the below services to make you feel at ease.

How to Get an EcuadorVisa From Bangladesh

With the right direction, you can apply for an Ecuador visa from Bangladesh properly. Ecuador visa documents need to be organized carefully. The distance of the Ecuador Embassy can create a hassle for you with the processing if you are not prepared. This article can make all your confusion clear about the staff related to Ecuadorvisa application.

Step 1: Complete the application form

Bangladeshi people have no option for doing an Ecuador visa application online officially. You need to download your visa application form from the Embassy of Ecuador in India website. Fill out the form carefully to avoid complications.

    Step 2: Submit visa application

    Applicants need to collect all the required documents and submit them to the Ecuador Embassy in New Delhi. You also need to pay the visa fee on the same day. This process can be done by the applicants or their authorized representative.

      Step 3: Schedule an appointment

      After submitting the documents, you need to make an appointment to give an interview at the EcuadorEmbassy, in New Delhi. Applicants or their authorized representatives need to email the embassy for the appointment. The interview is conducted in person without any exceptions. It helps the embassy to come up with the visa decision.

        Step 4: Hold out for the visa decision

        When all these application processes are done, wait for your visa decision. After you get your visa approval, collect your passport from the Ecuador embassy.

          Online Apply for Ecuadorvisa from Bangladesh Through VISAThing

          Are you searching for the best and easiest way to apply for an Ecuador visa from Bangladesh? There is no official facility like Bangladesh to Ecuadorvisa online processing for you. But, VISAThing is here with the latest online application facility for their clients! Are you interested in the process? Well, keep reading the article. 

          In this modern era, roaming around to collect information in person is not a smart act. Doing everything online is the trend now. So, be with VISAThing and throw out the unnecessary thinking like getting your visa rejected. 

          • The first thing you need to do is to visit the VISAThing website and select which Ecuadorvisa category you want to apply. 

          • Then, click “Apply Now” to get options to apply for your desired visa. 

          • Upload your required documents in the given section. 

          • Pay your relevant fees and wait for VISAThing to work on your behalf. 

          • VISAThing will contact you afterward about all the necessary updates.

          Hurry up! There is no time to waste!

          Ecuador Visa Fees and Processing Time for Bangladeshi

          Ecuador visa fee starts from BDT 7080 to BDT 27,140. Ecuador visa fees for Bangladeshi citizens are nonrefundable even if the visa gets rejected. The payment needs to be paid in Indian Rupees at the Forex conversion rate of the day. 

          After you submit your application, the decision time will depend on your nationality and the purpose of the trip. Ecuador visa processing time usually takes 10 to 17 working days. It is better to apply for an Ecuador visa at least one month before the planned trip. This is because the review process of the application and documentation sometimes takes a longer time.

          Clear your confusion about the Ecuadorvisa Decision and Appeal

          Applicants have no opportunity to appeal against their Ecuadorvisa decision. If your Ecuador visa gets rejected, as a Bangladeshi you need to re-apply. You will get a refusal letter in your email with the necessary details. The previous payment is also not countable and not refundable. Applicants need to pay their visa fees again to reapply.

          FAQ for Ecuador Visa

          Do Bangladeshi citizens need an Ecuador visa?

          Yes, Bangladeshi citizens need an Ecuador visa.


          Getting an Ecuadorian visa for Bangladeshi citizens is now easier with the assistance of VISATing. VISAThing can decrease a step of your visa application hassle. You just need to prepare yourself for the in-person interview. From the documentation to the payment and also collecting your passport can all be managed by VISAThing. With the logistic support of VISAThing, avail your Ecuador visa easily.

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