Different Types of Visas Available for Chile for Bangladeshi Citizens

A few Chile visa types are available for Bangladeshis. Chile visas can be single or multiple entry types. The short-stay visas are issued for a period not longer than 90 days with a stay permit of 30 days. On the other hand, long-term Chile visas are issued for 180 days with 90 days stay permit. Here is the list of Chile visa types.

  • Tourism

  • Business

Available Republic of Chile Visa processing service from VISAThing

Bangladeshi citizens who are applying for a Chile visa cannot skip the hassle of in-person submissions. Since Chile doesn't have a consulate in Bangladesh, applicants need to visit India’s Chile Embassy. In this case, the paperworks is important. As, any mistakes in preparing documents can cause a hazard in applicants' visa application later on. VISAThing is providing services to organize and prepare visa documents for Chile. All those services are included in visa consultancy. So, VISAThing is providing below services for Chile.

How to Apply for Chile Visa From Bangladesh

As Bangladeshis need to submit their Chile visa application in India, they need to be cautious. Advance guidelines can remove the hassle which can occur due to the unawareness of the Chile visa application process. A clear outline can help to organize the whole process to complete fast. Here are the A to Z details of the Chile visa application process from Bangladesh.

Step 1: Gather the required documents

You need to collect the required documents as per your checklist for a Chile visa from Bangladesh. Remember to translate all the documents into English and notarize them properly.

    Step 2: Fill out the application form

    Download the Chile application form from the website of the Chile Embassy in India. Then, fill out the application form. Lastly, print the form and sign it.

      Step 3: Submit documents and pay your visa fee at the Embassy

      Visit the Chile Embassy in India personally. Applicants need to submit all your required documents to the Embassy of Chile in India. Beside, applicants also need to pay for their visa at the Embassy.

        Step 4: Wait for your visa Decision

        After completing the visa application process, please wait for the visa decision. Once the visa decision comes out, applicants can collect their passport from the embassy.

          How To Apply For Chile Visa Online With VISAThing

          With VISAThing, people can lessen their hassle and save money at the same time. This is because VISAThing offers the facility to apply for Chile visa applications online from Bangladesh. 

          Applicants can do their Chile online visa application by visiting the VISAThing website. To avail this service, just follow the below steps.

          • Visit the VISAThing website online.

          • Select the country Chile and your desired visa category.

          • After selecting, click on “Apply Now” and go to the next interface.

          • Submit your required documents in the right format.

          • Pay your relevant fees and charges.

          Your service will be activated after your payment is made. VISAThing’s expert consultants will contact you. They will generate your tracking number and will start working on your Chile visa application.

          Processing time and fee for Chile visa from Bangladesh

          Chile visa processing time for Bangladeshi usually takes 6 to 10 working days. The processing time can delay a few more days if the application needs further examination.

          Chile Visa fees for Bangladeshi also differ depending on the applicant's visa types. Starting from BDT 4965, the visa fee for citizens of Bangladesh to visit Chile extends to BDT 8980.

          Timeline for Chile visa decision and rights to appeal

          If applicants Chile visa application from Bangladesh gets rejected, they can file an appeal with the Chilean Courts of Appeal. There, a panel of 3 judges will review the case to see whether the denial is justified or not.  You need to re-apply for the visa. You will get your refusal letter sent by the Immigration for Chile visa in your email. All further instructions will be given with your refusal letter. Before reapplying, find the grounds for the rejection. Work on the documents to enhance the chances of visa approval.


          With the assistance of VISAThing, getting a Chile visa for Bangladeshi has become easier. VISAThing can save you from getting tangled with the application process. Remember that VISAThing values every minute of your time. Your authorized representative VISAThing can guide you throughout the visa application. So, you do not need to get frustrated with the complexity of the visa processing. Just pack your bag and apply for the Chile visa from Bangladesh whenever you want.

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