Visa Types That Bangladeshi People Can Get For Burkina Faso

Lots of visa options are available for Bangladeshi to experience life in Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso’s short-term visa opportunity allows Bangladeshi citizens to stay up to 90 days. Conversely, the long-term visa starts from 90 days. It is valid for 1 to 5 years. So, before fixing the purpose, applicants should know how much they can stay in Burkina Faso with that visa. Now, let's explore Burkina Faso’s different visa categories for Bangladeshis.

  • Tourist

  • Business

Visa Processing Service Available for Burkina Faso From VISAThing

Even though the Burkina Faso Embassy is not here in Bangladesh, applicants have a more preferable way. Bangladeshis can apply for their Burkina Faso e visa online with the help of any authorized representative. Currently VISAThing is providing you with the below support for Burkina Faso visa.

Application Process Of Burkina Faso Visa From Bangladesh

Most people do care about learning the visa application process. It is normal to not know the process for general people. VISAThing has prepared a simple guideline of the Burkina Faso e visa application process.

Step 1: Collect The Required Documents

Gather all the required documents before starting your Burkina Faso visa application process. Scan the documents clearly and ensure that all the documents are accurately translated into English.

    Step 2: Visit the Burkina Faso E Visa Website

    To initiate Burkina Faso visa application, applicants need to visit the Burkina Faso official E-Visa application portal. In this portal, you will get the option of a new application for a Burkina Faso e visa.

      Step 3: Fill Up the Online Application Form

      Please provide all the necessary information and upload required documents in the Burkina Faso visa application form. Providing any wrong information could cause complications or delays in getting your visa.

        Step 4: Submit Your Online Application and Pay Visa Fees

        You cannot modify your visa application after submitting. So, it is advised to double-check the answers  before submission that is provided in the application. Then click on “confirm and pay”. You need to pay your visa fees with a Visa/Mastercard. The payment can be made securely through online payment methods.

          Step 5: Wait For the Visa Decision

          After the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant's email. Then they need to wait for their visa decision. Burkina Faso Immigration will email the  visa copy to the applicant. Applicants need to print the visa copy and carry it with them while traveling.

            Burkina Faso Online Visa Application For Bangladeshi: A Premium Facility From VISAThing

            A visa is the most important entry pass to enter a country. You know, Burkina Faso is offering e visa and you need to apply for it online. Without a professional, no one can guarantee a flawless visa application.

            It is now not mandatory to visit the VISAThing office in person to apply for a visa anymore. Only by visiting the VISAThing Website, applicants can easily apply for their Burkina Faso e visa.

            So, how to apply online for a Burkina Faso e visa? Follow the steps below.

            • Visit the VISAThing website. 

            • Choose your Burkina Faso visa category.

            • Click on the "Apply Now" button. 

            • Then scan and submit your required documents. 

            • You also need to pay VISAThing’s service charge for the visa application in advance.

            Your VISAThing online visa application service will be activated after the payment has been made. So, what is stopping you from applying? Get help from VISAThing.

            Processing Time And Fees For The Burkina Faso Visa

            Upon submitting a complete online e visa application, the Burkina Faso visa processing time takes 5 to 7 working days. For some exceptional cases, the processing time can be delayed. So, applicants should apply at least 7 to 10 days earlier for their Burkina Faso visa. 

            The average Burkina Faso visa costs BDT BDT 6750 to BDT 12000. The visa fee will vary accordingly with the dollar exchange rate.

            Burkina Faso Visa Decision and Appeal

            If a Bangladeshi applicant’s Burkina Faso visa gets rejected, applicants cannot appeal against the visa decision. 

            However, applicants can reapply for their Burkina Faso visa. Just to be prepared from being rejected again, applicants can find out the grounds for their visa refusal. Then, they should update their previous documents. It will increase the chance of getting a positive visa approval.


            By following these steps, you can easily get your Burkina Faso visa for Bangladeshi. With a professional visa application, no one can prevent you from traveling to Burkina Faso. You can explore the country without hassle with the Burkina Faso e visa facility. VISAThing is always by your side to assist you with every step related to your visa.

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