Visa Types For Bangladeshi Travelers To Barbados

Barbados has various visa options for different visa-required countries. However, Bangladesh is on Barbados’s visa-free country list. So, no visa types or purpose is needed for Barbados. Bangladeshi passport holders can stay a maximum of 30 days in Barbados with a visa-free pass. Here are Barbados's visa types that are applicable for other countries.

Short-Stay Visa (Type-C)

  1. Tourism

  2. Business Visit

  3. Family visits, etc.

Long-Stay Visa (Type-D)

  1. Work

  2. Study

  3. Investment

  4. Family Reunion

  5. Digital Nomad

  6. Retirement


Process Of Entering Barbados As A Bangladeshi

The process of getting Barbados’s free entry pass is straightforward. Bangladeshi citizens do not need a purpose or fill up any required documents to visit Barbados. Here are the all steps till you enter Barbados.

  • Step 1: Book an airplane ticket and go to the airport on the flight date.

  • Step 2: Show your passport and get your entry pass seal at Bangladesh Immigration.

  • Step 3: Fly to Barbados’s airport.

  • Step 4: Show your Bangladeshi passport and Travel Health Insurance at Barbados Immigration.

  • Step 5: Get your sealed entry pass and you are good to go.

Which Terms Need To Be Considered Before Traveling To Barbados From Bangladesh?

While entering any new country, you need to be careful about some basic laws and regulations. Barbados is no different. Maintain the basics of safety and carry the documents mentioned below.

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity with two blank pages.

  • Travel Health Insurance

Barbados Stay Period Extension Process

If you are already in Barbados with a visa free pass, you can extend your stay. You need to apply for your visa extension or apply for a residence permit to Barbados’s Immigration. Otherwise, you need to come back to Bangladesh before your visa free pass expires and then again enter the country.


As you can see, there is no need to get a Barbados visa for Bangladeshi. So, you do not need to worry about visas and staff for Barbados. Bangladeshis are getting a good opportunity of visa-free passes for visiting Barbados. If you have plans to travel to Barbados, go ahead.

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