Andorra Visa Categories You Can Get As A Bangladeshi

Andorra visa comes with single and multiple entries for both short and long term. Applicants cannot exceed their stays up to 90 days in the period of six months. Whereas, the long-term Andorra visa cannot exceed 180 days in the period of 1 year. In some cases, it is valid for more than a year. Andorra visa types are listed here, please take a look.

Short-Term Visas (Type-C)

  1. Tourism

  2. Business

  3. Education Training

  4. Visiting Family or Friends

  5. Private Affairs

  6. Politics

  7. Science

  8. Sport

  9. Religion

  10. Others

  • Transit visa (Type-A)

Long-stay Visas (Type-D)

  1. Work

  2. Study

  3. Medical treatment

  4. Business

  5. Join Family

  6. Research work

Andorra Visa Services That VISAThing Is Offering From Bangladesh

Bangladeshis need to go to the Andorra Embassy in India. They go there to submit their visa application. There is no other choice for them to get their Andorra visa. Because no visa support center is allowed to submit Andorra visa applications on the applicant’s behalf. Yet, applicants can get help to prepare their visa documents. They can also ask to provide guidelines about the submission and interview. VISAThing is dedicated to providing the below services for Andorra visas.

Process of Andorra Visa Application From Bangladesh

Knowing the visa application process helps visa seekers avoid the worst scenario. A bit of knowledge can help the applicants. It will help them prepare documents and book interview slots if needed. But, it is not easy to get an authentic guideline for the Andorra. So, VISAThing has listed the steps in easy written form.

Step 1: Fill Out The Visa Application Form

For an Andorra visa application, please visit the Andorra Embassy in India website. Then applicants will get a PDF of the Andorra visa application form. Download the form, fill it up, and print it.

    Step 2: Book an Appointment

    Applicants need to book an appointment for an Andorra visa application. You need to email India’s Andorra Embassy to schedule your appointment for an interview. The confirmation will also be given via email about the date and time.

      Step 3: Collect Your Documents

      Collect the required documents for the Andorra as per the checklist. Do not forget to translate the documents into English. You also need to notarize them.

        Step 4: Submit The Documents, and Pay Visa Fee

        On the scheduled day, applicants need to submit all the required documents at the Embassy in person. Then they need to proceed with the payment at the embassy.

          Step 5: Collect Your Passport

          Once the interview is done, applicants need to wait for their visa decision. Applicants can collect their passports when the decision comes out.

            VISAThing’s Online Application Facility For Andorra Visa From Bangladesh

            There has yet to be an official online visa application process for Bangladesh to Andorra. But, VISAThing is serving a similar facility where you can apply for an Andorra visa online. Remember, VISAThing always prioritizes the client’s comfort. So, how can you activate VISAThing’s Andorra online application service?

            • Begin the online application by visiting the VISAThing website. 

            • Select the specific Andorra visa category you want to apply for. 

            • Then click on “Apply Now” and get options to submit your required documents. 

            • After submitting the documents, pay your relevant charges. 

            VISAThing will contact you for additional documents and will keep updating you about the progress.

            Approximate Visa Processing Time And Fees For Andorra

            Andorra visa processing time for Bangladeshi depends on the applicant's specific visa categories. The approximate timeframe to process a Andorra visa is 7 to 30 working days. So, applicants are advised to apply for their C-category visa at least 3 to 30 days before the date of their travel. For the D-category visa, applicants should submit their application a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months before.

            The fee of an Andorra visa for Bangladeshi provides both single and multiple-entry visa options. The short-term Andorra visa fee is BDT 10800. The range of the fees changes at times as it depends on the international currency rate.

            Learn About the Andorra Visa Decision And Appeal

            Bangladeshi applicants cannot appeal against Andorra visa rejection. However, they can reapply for their Andorra visa anytime they want.

            The Andorra Embassy, India sends an email to the applicants about their visa refusal. Applicants get all the instructions about what they can do further. The refusal letter includes what is the reason behind the visa refusal. Keeping this reason in mind, applicants should update their previous documents. This is preferred as a good move for the new visa application.


            VISAThing stands out as the go-to solution for Andorra visas for Bangladeshi. VISAThing’s easy and reliable visa application service saves applicants time and money. What sets VISAThing apart is that we are always available to help our clients. No matter when and where applicants need help during their visa application, we are ready to help.

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