Visa Types For Bangladeshi Travelers To Albania

Albania e visa for Bangladeshi has a variety of visa options. The validity of the visas depends on the applicant's visa purpose. The short-term visa allows applicants to stay 90 days in 180 days. On the contrary, D-category visa valid over a year. Here is the list of the visa types of Albania visa from Bangladesh.

Short-Term Visas (Type-C)

  1. Tourism

  2. Business Visit

  3. Visiting Family or Friends

  4. Scientific, Cultural, Sports, Humanitarianism Reasons

  5. Official Visit

  6. Medical Reasons

  7. Professional and Commercial Purposes

  • Transit Visa (Type-A)

Long-Term Visas (Type-D)

  1. Study

  2. Join Family

  3. Humanitarian or Religious

  4. Diplomatic 

  5. Seasonal Employment 

  6. Unpaid trainee

  7. AU Pairs

  8. Youth Exchanges

  9. Research

  10. In House Transferees

  11. Vocational Training

  12. Visa for Athletes

  13. Voluntary Service

  14. Highly Qualified Employees

  15. Self Employed People

  16. Digital Mobile Workers

  17. Investors

  18. Contracting Services

  19. Crew of Vessels

  20. Owned Immovable Property

  21. Pensioners (retired)

Available Visa Processing Service For Albania Through VISAThing

The E visa application process is user friendly and helps to avoid extra hassles. Still, applicants need to be careful while applying for their visa. This is because all the process is done online so any unintentional mistakes can create complexity. In this case, applicants can take help from any authorized representative to apply for an Albania e visa on their behalf. VISAThing is providing services below for Albania e visa for Bangladeshi.

Business Visit


Processing Time

Approximately 10-15 Working Days

Service Available

E-Visa Processing

Family Visit


Processing Time

Approximately 10-15 Working Days

Service Available

E-Visa Processing



Processing Time

Approximately 10-15 Working Days

Service Available

E-Visa Processing



Processing Time

Approximately 10-15 Working Days

Service Available

E-Visa Processing

Complete Guide For Albania Visa Application for Bangladeshi

Applicants need to apply for their Albania visa online from Bangladesh. Getting insights about the Albania visa application process beforehand can simplify the visa journey. Providing appropriate information with the properly organized documents are essential. But, it is not easy to get a properly organized application process. VISAThing has prepared one for the Albania e visa applicants.

Step 1: Collect Your Required Documents

As the e visa required uploading documents online, applicants must collect all their documents in advance. To collect their documents, applicants need to follow a personalized checklist according to their purpose. Then, they need to translate the documents into English or Albanian. After the translation applicants need to notarize and legalize their documents.

    Step 2: Fill out Albania Visa Application Form

    To begin with Albania e visa application for Bangladeshi, please visit Albania e visa portal. There, you will get different types of Albania visa application forms. Choose the suitable one and provide necessary information and documents. Lastly, submit the form after double checking the given information.

      Step 3: Pay Your Visa Fee

      When applicants are done with their visa application, their application will be reviewed. When review is finished, applicants will get the option to pay Albania visa fee for Bangladeshi. In case the visa is not paid within 15 days, the application will be marked as “Not paid” status. The unpaid visa gets rejected automatically.

        Step 4: Collect Your Albania Visa

        Applicants need to wait throughout the processing time for their visa. Once the visa decision comes out, the applicants will be informed about it via email. They need to download the PDF format of the Albania e visa and print them before traveling.

          Albania Online Visa Application For Bangladeshi Through VISAThing

          A visa is the most important entry pass to enter a country. You know, Albania is offering e visa and you need to apply for it online. Without a professional, no one can guarantee a flawless visa application.

          It is now not mandatory to visit the VISAThing office in person to apply for a visa anymore. Only by visiting the VISAThing Website, applicants can easily apply for their Albania e visa.

          So, how to apply online for Albania e visa? Follow the steps below.

          • Visit the VISAThing website. 

          • Choose your Albania visa category.

          • Click on the "Apply Now" button. 

          • Then scan and submit your required documents. 

          • You also need to pay VISAThing’s service charge for the visa application in advance.

          Your VISAThing online visa application service will be activated after the payment has been made. So, what is stopping you from applying? Get help from VISAThing.

          Processing Time and Fee For Albania Visa From Bangladesh

          The Albania visa applicants get their visa decision in email from the responsible state authority. Albania e visa processing time usually takes 15 working days. It can take 30 working days in some exceptional cases. In this case applicants can apply for their Abenia visa a maximum of 3 months before their intended travel date. 

          Albania e visa fee is approximately 3050 BDT. The quantity of the visa fee rises and falls with the value of the international currency rate.

          When You Get Your Albania Visa Decision and Approach to Appeal

          If Bangladeshi applicants Albania visa gets rejected, applicants can appeal against the visa decision. The appeal needs to be filed by email within 5 working days from the day of the visa decision. The Directorate for Consular Affairs at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is responsible for reviewing Albania’s visa appeal. 

          Applicants can also reapply for their Albania visa. Just to be prepared from being rejected again, applicants can update their previous documents. It will increase the chance of getting a positive visa approval.


          For secure and efficient visa application submission, VISAThing does not have any competitors. Applicants do not need to get confused for their Albania visa for Bangladeshi anymore. You can prepare your documents, write cover letters and apply for your Albania e visa anytime from VISAThing. VISAThing is available 24/7 for your service.

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