Visa types for Singapore for Bangladeshi

Singapore is offering a very generous quantity of visas for Bangladeshi Citizens. Applicants need to be specific about their visa purpose. The general categories of Singapore visa from Bangladesh are given below.

Short-Term Visa (Type-C)

  1. Tourist Visa

  2. Business Visit Visa

  3. Family Visit

Long-Term Visa (Type-D)

  1. Work Visa

  2. Study Visa

  3. Dependent Visa

  4. Join Family Visa

Visa Processing Service Available for Singapore

The saying “Work smarter, not harder” goes well with the visa application process. You cannot unknowingly roam around and waste your resources to apply for a visa. Get help from a trusted authorized representative to manage your visa application.



Processing Time

Approx. 10-20 Working Days

Service Available

Visa Consultancy

How to Apply for Singapore Visa From Bangladesh

You cannot apply for a Singapore visa online from Bangladesh. Still it is not something to worry about because you can take help from VISAThing. The first thing you need to do is to get an idea about the Singapore visa application process. VISAThing is instructing you about the general process below.

Step 1: Download and Complete The Application Form

First, download the Singapore visa application form for Bangladeshi. You will get it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore website. Then, fill out the application form carefully. Any misinformation or skipping any required information can cause your visa rejection.

    Step 2: Collect the Required Documents

    The Singapore visa requires an LOI (letter of invitation) for some visa categories. Make sure to be clear about what documents are required for you. Make sure to collect all the required documents according to your checklist and translate them into English. Do not forget to notarize the documents.

      Step 3: Work On Your Submission

      Submit all your required documents at the Singapore Visa Application Center in Dhaka. Besides, pay your visa fees on the same day as per the visa application center’s instructions. Your authorized representative VISAThing can help you with the process.

        Step 4: Collect Your Passport

        After all this process is done, you need to wait for your visa decision. Once the visa decision comes out, collect your passport from the visa application center. Both you and your authorized representative can do it.

          Singapore Online Visa Apply for Bangladeshi Through VISAThing

          VISAThing Website allows you to apply Singapore visa online from Bangladesh. You can stay at home, and throw away all the extra hassle of traveling only by visiting the VISAThing website in just a few seconds. 

          All you need to do is visit the VISAThing website and select your visa category for Singapore. Then choose which service you want and click on “Apply Now”. According to the service, submit required documents, and relevant fees online. Wait until your visa result comes out. VISAThing’s expert consultants will be connected with you throughout the processing time.

          This opportunity of VISAThing is for Bangladeshi citizens to save their valuable time as well as resources. So, what is there to hesitate about? VISAThing is always by your side to help you with all kinds of visa support. Stay connected with VISAThing.

          Singapore Visa Processing Time and Fees

          Singapore visa processing time from Bangladesh normally takes 10 to 20 working days.

          Your visa processing can take extra time depending on your application's complexity level. To avoid uncertainty, you should apply for a Singapore Visa at least one month before the travel date.

          Singapore visa fee for Bangladeshi is usually BDT 4,300 without LOI. If the applicants already have a LOI, the visa fee will cost BDT 5,150. VISAThing can also help you collect LOI to apply for a Singapore visa.

          Singapore Visa Decisions and Appeals

          Applicants can both appeal and reapply if their Singapore visa gets rejected. To reapply for a Singapore visa, you have no specific restrictions. You can do it anytime you want.

          To appeal against your Singapore visa rejection, it should be within 1 month from the rejection date. Your authorized representative who submitted your visa application can also appeal for you. An appeal result usually takes 14 days to proceed. However, your appeal will be considered based on your personal visa profile. So, be cautious with the supporting documents you need to add for the appeal.

          FAQ for Singapore Visa

          Do you need a visa to go to Singapore from Bangladesh?

          Yes, you need a visa to go to Singapore from Bangladesh.


          Everyone expects a smoother process to get a visa. You must not be an exception. A Singapore visa for Bangladeshi citizens is easier to get if you are with VISAThing. VISAThing can assist you to organize and notarize your documents. It can also submit your required documents at the Singapore Visa Application Center on your behalf. So, why is the delay? Just apply for a Singapore visa from BD whenever you want.

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