Visa Types That Bangladeshi People Can Get For Senegal

Lots of visa options are available for Bangladeshi to experience life in Senegal. Senegal’s short-term visa opportunity allows Bangladeshi citizens to stay up to 90 days. Conversely, the long-term visa starts from 90 days. It is valid for 1 to 5 years. So, before fixing the purpose, applicants should know how much they can stay in Senegal with that visa. Now, let's explore Senegal’s different visa categories for Bangladeshis.

Short-Term Visas (Type-C)

  1. Tourist

  2. Business

  3. Medical

  4. Conference

  5. Family or Friends visit

Long-Term Visas (Type-D)

  1. Study

  2. Work

  3. Employment

  4. Business

  5. Join Family

  6. Others

Visa Facilities You Can Get From VISAThing For Senegal

VISAThing visa support center now officially handling Senegal’s visa application for Bangladeshi. In a visa application, there are many steps and stages where different documents are needed. Maintaining professionalism and authenticity in those documents is crucial. Then comes the submission of the visa application. In this case, a visa applicant might make things complex. So, VISAThing is providing two of these mentioned services for Senegal.

Process of Senegal Visa Application From Bangladesh

Applicants should gain proper knowledge about their desired visa application process before they intend to apply for it. This helps applicants to avoid unexpected and unavoidable situations. Keeping this in mind, VISAThing has managed to write an outline about the latest visa application process of Senegal. Now let’s dive into the Senegal visa application process.

Step 1: Fill Out Your Senegal Visa Application Form

First, applicants should visit the Senegal Embassy in India website. Download the visa application form and fill it out properly. Print the completed application form and sign it before the submission.

    Step 2: Collect The Necessary Documents

    Gathering the required documents beforehand is important so that nothing is left behind. Please make sure that all the documents are accurately translated into English and also notarized.

      Step 3: Visit The Senegal Embassy

      The next step is to submit the visa application to the Senegal Embassy in India. Applicants do not need to book an appointment for a Senegal visa application from Bangladesh. The required documents submission and the payment will be made at the embassy along with the visa application submission. An authorized representative is also allowed to submit the visa application on the Bangladeshi applicant's behalf.

        Step 4: Collect Your Passport

        Applicants need to wait patiently after completing all these steps. Once the visa decision comes out, applicants or their authorized representative can collect their passports from the embassy.

          Senegal Online Visa Application For Bangladeshi: A Premium Facility From VISAThing

          VISAThing works to increase your chances of receiving Senegal visa approval. You do not need to think about the visa process if you don’t understand it. You are now getting the opportunity to apply Senegal visa online from Bangladesh with the assistance of VISATing. 

          You just need to activate our service and plan your Senegal trip in your free time. So, let us direct you on how you can activate our service. 

          • First, you need to visit the VISAThing website and select your visa category. 

          • Then, choose which VISAThing service of VISAThing you want to take for a Senegal visa. When you are done choosing your desired service, you need to click on “Apply Now” to lock our service. 

          • VISAThing portal will ask you for scanned documents so you need to collect the documents and upload them on the portal. 

          • Besides, you will need to pay the relevant fees through online transactions. 

          • VISAThing will handle the rest of the process.

            Reach out to VISAThing for any visa you want to apply for.

          Processing Time And Fee Required For Bangladeshi To Get Senegal Visa

          The processing time of a Senegal visa from Bangladesh takes 10 to 15 working days to process a visa. It can take a few days more or less depending on your visa category or paperwork detailed investigation. The Senegal Immigration will let you know about your visa decision via email.

          Applicants are going to be surprised after hearing about Senegal’s visa fee. No Senegal visa fee for Bangladesh is required. Applicants only need to pay a small amount of the service fee which is BDT 940 for Senegal. Fixing or changing any rule about this amount totally depends on the Senegal Embassy.

          Details Of Senegal Visa Decision And Appeal

          If an applicant's Senegal visa gets rejected, they need to reapply for their Senegal visa. The embassy will inform the applicants about the visa refusal through email. It is better to update the previously submitted documents for which the visa gets rejected. Updating documents helps to increase the chances of visa acceptance.


          If you are considering applying for a Senegal visa, we recommend contacting VISAThing. You can learn more about the specific services we provide for Senegal visa for Bangladeshi. Moreover, our consultancy and logistics support for Senegal can smoothly help to obtain your visa. So, be with VISAThing for any kind of visa services.

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