Different Types Of Visas Available For Nicaragua For Bangladeshi Citizens

The long and short-term categories cover the purpose of the Nicaragua visas pretty well. Nicaragua visas can be single or multiple entry types. The short-stay visas are issued for a period not longer than 6 months with a 90-day stay permit. As for the long term, it is valid for a year with a 180-day stay duration. Find the right visa for Nicaragua in the list below.

Short-Term (Type-C)

  1. Tourism

  2. Family visit

  3. Business Visit

Long-Term (Type-D)

  1. Employment

  2. Join Family

Available Republic Of Nicaragua Visa Processing Service From VISAThing

Bangladeshi citizens who are applying for a Nicaragua visa can skip the hassle of in-person submissions. Since Nicaragua doesn't have a consulate in Bangladesh, you can simply apply online through VISAThing. Your authorized representative VISAThing is providing services both in Bangladesh and India for Nicaragua visas. Please check out the services offered by VISAThing especially for Nicaragua.

How To Apply for a Nicaragua Visa From Bangladesh

As you need to submit your Nicaragua visa application in India, applicants need to be cautious. Advance guidelines can remove the hassle and help to organize the whole process to complete fast. Applicants can submit their Nicaragua visa application by themselves or by an authorized representative. If applicants want their authorized representative to visit the Nicaragua Embassy, they need to get permission by emailing the embassy before submission. Here are the A to Z details of the Nicaragua visa application process from Bangladesh.

Step 1: Gather The Required Documents

Applicants need to collect the required documents as per the checklist following your visa category for a Nicaragua visa from Bangladesh. Remember to translate all the documents into English and notarize them properly.

    Step 2: Fill Out The Application Form

    Download the Nicaragua application form from the website of the Nicaragua Embassy. Then, fill out the application form. Bring it with your required documents to the Nicaragua Embassy in India.

      Step 3: Submit Documents At The Embassy And Pay the Visa Fee

      Applicants or their authorized representatives need to submit all the required documents to the Embassy of Nicaragua in India. Additionally, applicants also need to pay their visa fees at the embassy.

        Step 4: Have Patience With Your Visa Decision

        After completing the visa application process, please wait for the visa decision. After the visa decision, you or your authorized representative can collect your passport from India.

          Apply online for a Nicaragua visa from Bangladesh through VISAThing

          Now, you can do your online visa application for Nicaragua anytime. Don’t be surprised. VISAThing’s professional online visa application service is now available for every Bangladeshi. So, how to activate this service? This is pretty simple. 

          • First, visit the VISAThing website, and select your destination country and visa category. 

          • Press the “Apply Now” button and will get the option to submit your required documents. 

          • Finally, pay your charges and your online visa application service will be activated. 

          You will get connected with VISAThing’s expert consultants. Your designated consultants will prepare everything for you and guide you through the processes. So, apply for your Nicaragua visa online from Bangladesh from wherever you are.

          Processing Time And Fee For Nicaragua Visa From Bangladesh

          Due to the varieties of Nicaragua visa categories, the visa processing time differs according to the types. Nicaragua visa processing time from Bangladesh usually takes 10 to 25 working days.

          Nicaragua Visa fees for Bangladeshi also differ depending on the specific category of the visa. Starting from BDT 1170 to BDT 58500. The visa fee range can change with the USD currency rate.

          Timeline For Nicaragua Visa Decision and Rights to Appeal

          If an applicant's Nicaragua visa application from Bangladesh gets rejected, they are eligible to appeal against the decision. They can also re-apply for their visa. Applicants will get a refusal letter from Nicaragua Immigration. The reason for visa refusal and the deadline for an appeal or reapply will also be given there. 

          Before reapplying, please find out the grounds for your visa rejection. Work to update the documents to enhance the chances of visa approval.


          With the assistance of VISATing, getting a Nicaragua visa for Bangladeshi has become easier. VISAThing can save you from getting tangled with the application process. Remember that VISAThing values every minute of your time. Your authorized representative VISAThing can guide you throughout the visa application. So, you do not need to get frustrated with the complexity of the visa processing. Just pack your bag and apply for a Nicaragua visa from Bangladesh whenever you want.

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