Bangladesh to Mali Available Visa Types

Mali is offering two main types of visas but has the option to provide other purposes in the form. A Mali single-entry tourist visa stay period is 30 days. Whereas the Business Visit visa of multiple entries permits applicants to stay up to 90 days. So, applicants should make sure to check the specific visa durations according to their purpose.

Short-Term Visas (C type)

  1. Tourism

  2. Business Visit

  3. Diplomatic

  4. Official

  5. Others

Long-Term Visas (D type)

  1. Business 

  2. Work

  3. Others

Available Mali Visa Services Offered By VISAThing

Bangladeshi applicants have no option but to submit their visa application form at the Mali Embassy in India. Right now, VISAThing provides visa facilities in both Bangladesh and India. Therefore, the VISAThing team not only provides consultancy and prepares visa documents, but also submits Mali visa applications in India. So, applicants have nothing to worry at least for the Mali visa application. VISAThing is providing the below services for Mali to make you feel at ease.

Process of Mali Visa Application From Bangladesh

Getting a Mali visa from Bangladesh is easier for an easy application submission process in India. The distance will hassle you only if you are not fully prepared. As an in-person visit is not needed for a Mali visa application, preparing documents professionally is a crucial part. Follow the application process below to make your confusion clear.

Step 1: Complete The Application Form

First, applicants need to download their Mali visa application form from Bangladesh. It is available on the Embassy of Mali in India website. Fill out the form carefully.

    Step 2: Gather The Necessary Documents

    Applicants need to prepare all the required documents following their Checklist. They also need to translate the documents into English and notarize them. Remember that every document has to be submitted in duplicate.

      Step 3: Submit Visa Application

      Applicants need to visit the Mali Embassy in India and submit the application. They can also get help from an authorized representative to submit the visa application and documents. VISAThing can be a good option for this.

        Step 4: Pay Your Visa Fee

        Applicants also need to pay the visa fee while visiting the Mali Embassy. The visa fee should be paid by demand draft. Note that personal cheques, cash, and credit cards are not accepted as payment methods.

          Step 5: Hold Out For The Visa Decision

          When all these application processes are done, wait for your visa decision. After you get your visa approval, collect your passport from the Mali embassy.

            How To Apply Mali Visa Online From Bangladesh With VISAThing

            Are you searching for the easiest way to apply for a Mali visa from Bangladesh? There is no official online processing service for Mali. However, VISAThing brought the latest online Mali visa application facility for their clients! 

            Modern people do not roam around to collect information in person. Doing everything online is the trend now. So, be with VISAThing and throw out the unnecessary thinking about the Mali visa.

            • The first thing you need to do is to visit the VISAThing website and select which Mali visa category you want to apply for. 

            • Then, click “Apply Now” to get options to apply for your desired visa. 

            • Upload your required documents in the given section. 

            • Pay your relevant fees and wait for VISAThing to work on your behalf. 

            • VISAThing will contact you afterward about all the necessary updates.

              So, hurry up! There is no time to waste!

            Time And Fee Needed For Mali Visa Processing From Bangladesh

            It is essential to know the approximate processing time and visa fees for smoother visa processing. Because applicants need enough time to prepare and plan the trip before getting the visa. So, applying a few days earlier is a safe option. The Mali visa processing time takes 7 to 10 working days to come up with a decision. Urgent visas can be processed faster with an additional expedited fee.

            Right now, the Mali short-term visa fee for Bangladeshi citizens is BDT 4720. On the other hand, applicants need to pay BDT 13,890 for their long-term visa fee. It can change depending on the fluctuation of the exchange rate.

            Learn About Mali Visa Decision And Appeal

            Applicants have no opportunity to appeal if their Mali visa gets refused. In this case, the only option that a Bangladeshi gets is to reapply for their Mali visa. Applicants can reapply for their Mali visa anytime they want. As the previous payment is not refundable, applicants need to pay for their Mali visa again. 

            Before reapplying, applicants better read their refusal letter properly. The grounds for the visa refusal can help the applicants to update the necessary documents. Reapplying a visa with updated documents increases the chances of visa approval.


            Now, get a Mali visa for Bangladeshi citizens most easily with VISAThing. VISAThing assists visa applicants professionally with the help of expert consultants. VISAThing also focuses on preparing documents and providing logistics for Mali visa applications. So, applicants have nothing troublesome to tackle while getting their Mali visa.

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