Azerbaijan Visa Categories You Can Get As A Bangladeshi

The type of visa applicants need depends on the purpose of the visit. There are a few Azerbaijan visa categories for foreigners such as diplomatic, service, and ordinary. Ordinary visas are for regular visitors like tourists and business travelers. The short stay or tourist visa typically lets applicants stay in Azerbaijan for up to 90 days single entry. The period of stay for a Transit visa is 5 days with 30 days validity. But, if applicants are going with a long-term visa, they can stay in Azerbaijan for up to 2 years.  Here's a breakdown of the different Azerbaijan visa types:

Short Term Visas (Type-C)

  1. Tourism

  2. Business Visit

  3. Culture and sport

  4. Humanitarian

  5. Personal travel

  6. Medical treatment

  7. Diplomatic and Service Entry visa

  • Transit visa (Type-A)

Long Term Visas (Type-D)

  1. Science and Education

  2. Labor

  3. Join Family

Visa Services Bangladeshi People Can Take For Azerbaijan From VISAThing

Bangladeshi applicants have no option but to submit their visa applications at the Azerbaijan Embassy in India. But, they have the option to send an authorized representative to submit their visa applications on their behalf. Well, VISAThing also provides visa facilities in both Bangladesh and India. The VISAThing team provides consultancy, prepares visa documents, and submits Azerbaijan visa applications in India. So, applicants have nothing to worry at least about the distance of the Azerbaijan Embassy. VISAThing is providing the below services for Azerbaijan.

Process of Azerbaijan Visa Application From Bangladesh

When an applicant is applying for an Azerbaijan visa from Bangladesh, there are certain things they need to focus on. Maintaining professionalism in every document is important for getting a positive visa decision. An applicant must need to be prepared while applying for a visa to avoid uninvited complications.

Step 1: Complete The Application Form

Applicants first need to visit the Azerbaijan Embassy in India application portal and fill it out. Then download the form, print it, and sign it.

    Step 2: Gather The Necessary Documents

    Applicants need to prepare all the required documents by following their Checklist. They also need to translate their documents into English and notarize them properly.

      Step 3: Submit Your Azerbaijan Visa Application

      Azerbaijan visa application must be submitted by the applicant or their authorized representative. Remember that the visa documents are not accepted by couriers for this. So, whoever is applying needs to visit the Azerbaijan Embassy in India or send their authorized representative there. In this case, the authorized representative must present a notary-approved authorization letter along with their identity document.

        Step 4: Pay Your Visa Fee

        Applicants also need to pay the visa fee while visiting the Azerbaijan Embassy in India. All the necessary instructions will be given by the embassy while submitting the documents.

          Step 5: Wait For Your Visa Decision

          Applicants just need to wait after being done with all these. When the visa decision comes out, collect your passport from the Azerbaijan Embassy in India. You can also ask your authorized representative for this.

            Apply Azerbaijan Visa Online for Bangladeshi by VISAThing

            Are you searching for the easiest way to apply for an Azerbaijan visa from Bangladesh? There is no official online processing service for Azerbaijan. However, VISAThing brought the latest online Azerbaijan visa application facility for their clients! 

            Modern people do not roam around to collect information in person. Doing everything online is the trend now. So, be with VISAThing and throw out the unnecessary thinking about the Azerbaijan visa.

            • The first thing you need to do is to visit the VISAThing website. Select which Azerbaijan visa category you want to apply for. 

            • Then, click “Apply Now” to get options to apply for your desired visa. 

            • Upload your required documents in the given section. 

            • Pay your relevant fees and wait for VISAThing to work on your behalf. 

            • VISAThing will contact you afterward about all the necessary updates.

            This is the right time to apply for your Azerbaijan visa. So, hurry up!

            What Are The Processing Time and Fees for Azerbaijan Visa for Bangladeshi?

            The Azerbaijan single entry short-term visa fee for Bangladeshi citizens is BDT 2200. The transit visa fee is also the same for Azerbaijan. On the contrary, applicants need to pay BDT 38,540 for their multiple-entry long-term Azerbaijan visas. 

            Learning about the approximate processing time helps in smoother visa processing. The standard Azerbaijan visa processing time for Bangladeshi is 5 to 15 working days. The day is counted from the date of the visa application submission. So, applicants should apply for their Azerbaijan visa at least a month earlier than their intended trip.

            When You Get Your Azerbaijan Visa Decision And Approach to Appeal

            If any Bangladeshi applicant's Azerbaijan visa gets rejected, they can file an appeal within 15 days of their visa decision. The appeal must be in written form in English or Azerbaijani. The appeal letter must follow the legal rules and patterns. The review process of the Azerbaijan appeal decision takes approximately 15 days. If more detailed information is needed, the process extends to a maximum of 30 days.

            Apart from this, applicants are free to reapply for their Azerbaijan visa anytime they want. Applicants just need to find out the grounds for their visa refusal. If the refusal reason is well understandable, applicants need to update their documents according to that. This way, the visa approval chance is high.

            Azerbaijan Visa Extension Process

            Bangladeshis can extend their stay in Azerbaijan for up to 60 days. This rule is for both adults and minors visiting Azerbaijan. Applicants need to apply for the visa extension to the government office at least 3 working days before. The extension decision usually comes out within 3 working days. If the extension request gets rejected, applicants must leave Azerbaijan before the visa expires. 

            If the applicant's visa expires while the visa extension is in process, they need to wait for the decision. If the visa extension decision is rejected, applicants must leave Azerbaijan within 48 days.

            As for the Azerbaijan work or long-stay visa, applicants can apply for an extension of up to 5 years.

            FAQ for Azerbaijan Visa

            Is Azerbaijan visa on arrival for Bangladeshi citizens?

            No, Azerbaijan visas are not on arrival for Bangladeshi citizens.

            Is a visa required for Azerbaijan from Bangladesh?

            Yes, Bangladeshis require a visa for Azerbaijan.


            If you intend to travel to Azerbaijan and want to focus on the trip, VISAThing can help you get your visa easily. VISAThing’s expert consultants can handle everything about an Azerbaijan visa for Bangladeshi for you. From document preparation to application submission, VISAThing can interfere with the whole process for a Bangladesh to Azerbaijan visa. So, applicants can relax and focus on their trip!

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