Different Types of Visa Options for Bangladeshi Citizens to Travel to Angola

Bangladesh is not one of the visa-exempt countries of Angola. Any Bangladeshi passport holder needs to acquire an Angola visa before intending to visit Angola. The diversified visa types of the short and long term can easily cover the purpose of the visit. Please have a look at the visa types of Angola.

Short-Term Visas

  1. Visitor Visa ( Business visit, Conference, Tourist & Family Visit)

  2. Diplomatic Visa

  3. Official Visa

  4. Courtesy Visa

Transit Visa

Long-Term Visas

  1. Ordinary Visa

  2. Student Visa

  3. Business Visa

  4. Work Visa

  5. Visa for Establishing Residence

Services Bangladeshi People Can Take for Angola Visa from VISAThing

All the documents for the visa of Angola from Bangladesh need to be submitted to the Republic of Angola Embassy in India. However, applicants do not need an in-person presence at the Indian Embassy of Angola for the visa application. You can use an authorized representative throughout the application process to apply for an Angola visa. VISAThing is providing the below services for the Angola visa application.

How To Apply For an Angola Visa from Bangladesh

Applicants need to submit an Angola visa application to the Angola Embassy in New Delhi, India. Your authorized representative VISAThing can also help you with the visa application process in India. Follow the article to get an overview of the Angola visa application process for Bangladeshi.

Step 1: Complete Your Application Form

You have no option for doing a Bangladesh to Angola visa online. To begin with the application process download your Angola visa application form. You will get the form from the Embassy of the Republic of Angola website. You need to fill it out carefully because any incomplete application form will not be accepted.

    Step 2: Finalize Your Visa Application Submission

    Applicants need to collect all the required documents for an Angola visa. Then submit them along with the complete application form at the Angola Embassy, India. Besides, you need to deposit your Angola visa fees at the Ratnakar Bank Ltd in India. VISAThing has years of experience managing this process for Bangladeshi passport holders.

      Step 3: Await for The Visa Decision

      When all the paperwork is done, you need to wait for your visa decision. After you get your visa approval, you can collect your passport from the Angola embassy.

        Apply Angola Visa Online from Bangladesh Through VISAThing

        The Angola Embassy has already permitted the use of an authorized representative to apply for an Angola visa from Bangladesh. Your reliable visa support center VISAThing has now easier ways than this for Angola visa applications. VISAThing has facilities to apply Angola visa online from Bangladesh through the VISAThing website.

        For the Angola visa application online from Bangladesh, you need to visit VISAThing’s website first. Select the appropriate category you are applying to. Click “apply now” and get the option to submit the required documents. Then submit the documents and pay the relevant fees and charges. Now what? Nothing! Just wait for the visa decision. 

        The vast amount of wrong information you get online most often makes you confused. By activating VISAThing’s online service, you will be relieved from being confused. So, apply for an Angola visa anytime from VISAThing’s online application portal.

        How Much Time and Fee Needed to Process an Angola Visa

        The processing time of the Angola visa for Bangladeshi citizens is approximately 20 to 30 working days. But, applying a few days earlier is a wise decision to avoid any delay.

        Angola visa fees for Bangladeshi citizens start from BDT 5,485 to BDT 27,415. The visa rate can change if the international currency rate fluctuates.

        Time Frame for Angola Visa Decision and Eligibility to Appeal

        Bangladesh to Angola visa decision will take 20 to 25 working days. The time will be counted after you submit your complete application at the embassy. Decision time can differ based on your visa category and the purpose of the trip. 

        Bangladeshi citizens will get notified by Angola Immigration if the visa gets rejected. The refusal letter will contain the reasons for the visa rejection. All the detailed instructions to submit the appeal will be listed in the rejection letter. You need to carefully review the reason for the visa rejection. Prepare the supporting documents and appeal within the designated time. After the Angolan authorities review your appeal, they will notify you about the decision. 

        You can also reapply for the Angola visa anytime from Bangladesh. Reapplying is a more effective process to get an Angola visa. To reapply, you need to pay your Angola visa fee again.

        FAQ for Angola Visa

        Do I need a visa for Angola from Bangladesh?

        Yes, you need a visa for Angola as a Bangladeshi.


        Hopefully, you have got the basic process to apply for an Angola visa from Bangladesh. You are also getting the assistance of VISAThing throughout your Angola visa application. You only need to provide your authentic documents and let VISAThing organize them for you. So, stop getting confused. Plan your trip to visit the friendly country Angola with your desired visa.

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