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Sweden Student Visa Requirement

Capital City:
Swedish Krona (SEK)
Local Time:
GMT + 1
Telephone Code :
+ 46
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Exchange Rate:
1.00 SEK (Swedish Krona) is equivalent to 9.27 BDT

Student Visa Requirement

1. Passport:

A valid passport (valid for at least three months after your departure from the Schengen area, contain at least two empty pages for visa purpose and should have been issued during the past ten years). If you want passport, please click here.

2. Visa Application Form:

You can apply online. In that case, you attach the documents electronically.

3. Photo Specification:

The photos must be in color and of the standard passport photo size, which is 3.5cm X 4.5cm not older than 6 month.

4. Covering-Letter:

Covering letter mentioning details of applicants, passport details, travel details and who will bear expenses details.

5. Confirmation of Enrollment:

Statement of admission or letter of acceptance showing that you have been admitted to a full-time course of studies.

6. Tuition Fees Payment Receipt:

A payment receipt is a proof of payment that you have made payment to the institution.

7. Academic Documents: 

Please submit your all academic documents to Embassy/VAC

8. Financials Means:

A statement of account from your bank confirming that you have money of your own to support yourself with. The statement of account that you attach with the application should be dated at the time of your application and be translated into English.

9. Health Insurance:

A proof of health insurance coverage whole period of study.

10. Birth Certificate:

An original copy of Birth Registration Certificate. If you want Birth Registration Certificate please click here.

11. Police Clearance:

An original copy of Police Clearance Certificate. If you want Police Clearance Certificate please click here.

12. Accommodation Details:

Once you have confirmed where you will be studying, you must need to show accommodation details.