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Montenegro Tourist Visa Requirement

Capital City:
Euro (EUR)
Local Time:
GMT + 1
Telephone Code :
+ 381
Closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
Exchange Rate:
1.00 EUR is equivalent to 84.52 BDT

Tourist Visa Requirement

  1. One visa application form duly filled with signature. To download visa application form, Please Click Here
  2. Photographs with white background (35mm x 45mm).
  3. Valid passport (It is highly recommended that your passport has at least six months validity remaining after your intended date of departure from your travel destination).
  4. Proof of a return or onward ticket, the necessary travel documentation for their next destination.
  5. Proof of sufficient funds to cover their expenses while in Montenegro.
  6. Invitation letter from a natural person or legal entity with permanent residence in Montenegro, verified by a competent body.
  7. Return Air Ticket.
  8. Travel Voucher and evidence of sufficient funds to cover the costs of a tourist stay.
  9. Bank statement for last Six (6) months.
  10. International health Insurance.
Important Note: 

Visitors must register with the local police within 24 hours of arrival in Montenegro (however, this is done automatically when checking into a hotel or official tourist accommodation).