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Macedonia Tourist Visa Requirement

Capital City:
Macedonian denar
Local Time:
Telephone Code :
Closed in Saturday and Sunday.
Exchange Rate:
1 USD is equivalent to 57.2500 MKD

Tourist Visa Requirement

The documents required for obtaining a Macedonian visa are as follows: (For visa types A, B and C)


1 . Application for visa, neatly and legibly filled out. Click Here to download Application Form.


2 . Valid and recognized travel document (Passport) with a validity period of at least 3 months longer than the intended stay of the foreigner in the Republic of Macedonia;


3 . 2 very recent Color photograph on a white background which genuinely presents the applicant’s appearance ( 3,5 x 4,5 cm);


4 . Documents for (individual or group) travel insurance(policy issued by an insurance company in the country of residence);


5 . Documents providing for the goal and circumstances of the intended stay in the Republic of Macedonia (the letter of guarantee from a natural person, i.e. the invitation from a legal entity must be verified by a notary public);


6 . Documents proving that the applicant possesses sufficient means of subsistence for the period of stay in the Republic of Macedonia and for the return to the country of arrival or for travel to a third country, or documents proving that the applicant is able to obtain such means in a legal manner (possesses ready financial resources in a domestic or foreign convertible currency, possesses a valid means of non-cash payment (credit cards, traveler’s checks etc), possesses real property and other means).


7 . Travel Itinerary i.e. reservation of the flight tickets





1 . Any foreign national holder of valid national passport who possess a uniform form of valid multiple entry Schengen visa type C (valid for all Schengen member countries), or valid U.K. visa, or valid USA visa or valid Canadian visa with a validity period of at least 5 days after the planned stay in the Republic of Macedonia, do not need to have a Macedonian visa, but may stay up to 15 days, while the total duration of consequent stays in the Republic of Macedonia must not be longer than 3 months in the course of each 6 month period, starting with the date of the first entry in the country.


2 . Any foreign national, holder of valid travel document of a third country, who is required to have visa for entry in the Republic of Macedonia, may enter the territory of the Republic of Macedonia without having to acquire Macedonian visa, if the foreigner has a permanent residence in EU or Schengen member state.